Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playlist for March 1, 2010

Miles Davis- Shhh/Peaceful
Ralf Buschmeyer- Wojo
Elizabeth Shepherd- Heavy Falls the Night
Shrinebuilder- Blind for All to See
High on Fire- Frost Hammer
Fear Factory- Designing the Enemy
Owen Pallett- Red Sun No. 5
Yukon Blonde- Kumiko Song
Eluvium- The Motion Makes Me Last
Yazoo- Bad Connection
Depeche Mode-In Chains

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playlist for February 15, 2010

Check it out on if you like. Found in the archives of the program's file.

1) Alex Cuba- Directo
2) Pablo Borges- De Noite
3) Meera- Fagun Ke Din Char
4) Price- Destiny
5) The Slow Prisoners- Carbalick Acid Bag
6) Louis Armstrong- I've Got the World on a String
7) John Coltrane- Cousin Mary
8) Ravi Coltrane- When You Dream
9) Animal Collective- On a Highway
10) Johnny West- It's Only a Chocolate Cigarette
11) Johnny West- We'll Cross That Bridge When We Burn it
12) Asobi Seksu- Blind Little Rain
13) This Mortal Coil- I Must Have Been Blind
14) Dinosaur Jr.- Imagination Blind

Monday, February 8, 2010

Playlist for February 8, 2010

1) Can- Pinch
2) Trans Am- Koln
3) The Paperbacks- Slow Learners
4) Blessure Grave- Changes in the Darkness*
5) Christianne- Une Chanson Pour Che
6) James Gordon- Forbidden Lake
7) Christelle feat. Dizzy D- Crush on You^
8) Louder than Love- Dark Days
9) Acid Bath- Jezebel
10) Christian D & the Hangovers- Vampire Rocker
11) Ruth Minnikin & Her Bandwagon- Sleeping & Dreaming
12) Haunted Hearts- I Thought My Name Was Dark Clouds
13) Ramblin Dawgs- Head Case
14) We are the Willows- A Collection of Sounds
15) Dead Can Dance- Ullyses

*Check them out if you are a fan of Bauhaus, Killing Joke, The Cure, Sol Invictus, etc.
^ one of the worst songs I have ever heard, it's unforgivably bad.

Playlist for February 1, 2010

Back by popular demand (meaning three people asking what happened to this blog), I am once again posting playlists, after a two month absence, from what was another two month absence before that. This one will be more stripped down than others. Song title and artist only. If you like what is listed, go to, go to the program guide, and download the archived show.

1) Massive Attack- Pray for Rain
2) Massive Attack- Group Four
3) Isaac Hayes- Baby I'm-A want You
4) Eyehategod- My Name is God (I Hate You)
5) Crowbar- I Feel the Burning Sun
6) Manu Malik- Free Drinks
7) 31Knots- A Void Employs a Kiss
8) Ori Dagan- I Wish I Were in Love Again
9) Eric St. Laurent- I Will Follow You
10) Ernesto Cervini Quartet- On Being Grand
11) Thelonious Monk- Monk's Dream
12) Ranee Lee- I Just Found Out About Love
13) Ride- Decay
14) Harvey Milk- Jim's Polish

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playlist for November 2, 2009

Wow, I am actually posting it a day after the show, fastest post since the summer!

Today's show was one I am very pleased with, has a nice variety, and many great artists with very different sounds are crammed within 90 minutes. My favourite part is the juxtaposition between Gogol Bordello and This Mortal Coil, which really embodies what I aimed to create with this program.

1) Om- Thebes (God is Good)
2) Ensemble Plolaris- Klosterjungfurun (Vikings on Vacation)
3) Satomi Sakei- Matsuri No Taiko (Japanese Koto Music)
4) Nudge- Harmo (As Good As Gone)
5) Gogol Bordello- American Wedding (Live From Axis Mundi)
6) This Mortal Coil- Another Day (It'll End in Tears)
7) Tegan and Sara- The Ocean (Sainthood)
8) Language Arts- Where Were You in the Wild (Where Were You in the Wild)
9) We Are Wolves- Dreams (Invisible Violence)
10) The Slits- Reject (Trapped Animal)
11) Throbbing Gristle- Convincing People (20 Jazz Funk Greats)
12) Air- So Light is Her Footfall (Love 2)
13) More or Les & Fresh- Crossbow (The Les Kills EP)
14) A Tribe Called Quest- Steve Biko [Stir it Up] (Midnight Marauders)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween! Playlist for October 26, 2009

So, I have been absent from posting for the past few weeks. I have no real excuses, just been lazy and swamped at the same time. But the celebration of Halloween, the best holiday (it is a holiday for me!) of the year is the perfect time to come back.

Today's show was a celebration of all things horror, and horror-themed punk, metal, and soundtracks. Genres will be colour-coded, punk/psychobilly selections are in red, metal selections are in green, and soundtracks are in yellow. Psychobilly selections came from the great Zombie Night in Canada compilation, a fine selection of Canadian rockabilly and psychobilly bands.

1) The Howling Hound Dogs- Cat by the Tail (Zombie Night in Canada Volume 2)
2) Krazy 8s- Phantom car (Zombie Night in Canada Volume 2)
3) Zombie Riot- Pet Cemetary (Zombie Night in Canada Volume 2)
4) The Meathookers- Dodging Bullets (Zombie Night in Canada Volume 2)
5) The Devil's Hotrod- Baby, if you Leave Me (Zombie Night in Canada Volume 2)
6) The Weirdies- Knife Fight at the Planetarium (The Weirdies in 3D)
7) Vampires of Dartmoore- Die Folter Kammer des Dr. Sex/The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sex (Dracula's Music Cabinet)
8) Deadguy- Horror Business [Misfits cover] (Misfits Truibute Album)
9) Nekromantix- Panic at the Morgue (Life is a Grave...and I Dig it)
10) Entombed- Evilyn (Clandestine)
11) Lord Gore- The Forgotten Flesh (The Autophagus Orgy)
12) Hooded Menace- The Eyeless Horde (Fulfill the Curse)
13) Electric Wizard- I, the Witchfinder (Dopethrone)
14) Anton Garcia Abril- Tombs of the Blind Dead Theme (Tombs of the Blind Dead)
15) Angelo Badalamenti- Laura Palmer's Theme (Twin Peaks Soundtrack)
16) Goblin- Death Dies (Profondo Rosso Soundtrack)

And what would Halloween be without horror movies. Below are some badass trailers for films that are required horror viewing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playlist for September 7, 2009

I'll be upfront first and say that for those who loyally read this blog (are there any?) that playlist posts will come on Thursday. School is going to be quite busy this year, and I have quite the juggling act ahead of me. Sorry for the discrepancies between air date and playlist posting. This week's show was a solid one though, especially if you are into experimental music. Highlight comes from the underappreciated Flying Saucer Attack, whose self-titled album is one of the best space rock/psychedelic influenced rock albums from the 90s. It's very soothing and overly dreamy. Listen to the whole thing if you never heard it, it's a masterpiece!

A great album!

I also highly recommend Virt's 8-bit Nintendo remix of Freddie Freeloader. A great jazz tune gets a stunning re-interpretation. And speaking of great jazz, the legendary Alice Coltrane shows up this week! Plus, Battles vocalist Tyondai Braxton has a solid new solo album out, hopefully the new Battles album will follow suit.

Here is the playlist:
1) Virt- Freddie Freeloader (Kind of Bloop: 8-bit Remixes of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue)
2) Fortunately Everything Dies- I Don't Wear White Jeans (Censored)
3) Skinny Puppy- Hospital Waste (VIVISectVI)
4) Nadja- Absorbed in You (The Bungled and the Botched)
5) Flying Saucer Attack- The Season is Ours (S/T)
6) Tyondai Braxton- Opening Bell (Central Market)
7) Alice Coltrane- Walk With Me (Translinear Light)
8) Andy Milne and Benoit Delbecq- Task Sharing (Where is Pannonica)